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Lilly Anderson

As long as I can remember, I’ve strived to create a fun and creative environment around me. Getting to work with makeup is like living my dreams. I love creating in an organized environment and bringing beautiful ideas to life.

What look can we make together? I love all ranges of makeup from fashion editorial to a soft bridal glam. I completed school at Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology to get my Master Makeup Artist Certificate. I completed 720 hours of all types of modules including special effects, bridal, airbrush, HD, runway, etc.

It is my dream to be able to create beauty around me every day. I look forward to hearing from you and learning about what you’re trying to create!

Lilly Anderson / Makeup Artist


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I believe in creating a friendly relation with every client I have. So, here’s some information about me because the more the better! 

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In the fast-paced world we live in, the concept of “less is more” has never been more relevant, especially when it comes to everyday makeup. The desire for a polished and put-together appearance often drives us to embrace a natural yet refined look that enhances our features without overwhelming them.


Behind the Scenes: My Journey as a Makeup Artist

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Frequently Wondered Expertly Answered


Yes! My team and I are happy to accommodate however many services you need, and in whatever amount of time.

We offer airbrush makeup for a small additional charge per service.

We use a wide variety of brands across the board for a range of skin tones, skin types, ethnicities, etc. I mainly use professional brand products from Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Yes, we require a 20% deposit for the day of total. The remainder may be paid either before the wedding or day of.

Anywhere you need us. Our prices are determined by distance and timing! I am happy to travel.

Feel free to reach out and inquire about scheduling a trial! They are optional and not required to book our services the day of your wedding. They are $85 per service and either located in Little Elm, or potentially other possible locations if we travel. Each service takes about an hour on average to discuss and execute fully. The cost for these services are due the day of.

I typically schedule out 6 months – a year and a half, so the sooner, the better! Trials can be scheduled at your convenience.

Many of our clients prefer the natural look. We are very well-versed with creating a style that you will feel comfortable in, but will also show up well in pictures and be enough to be more than your everyday application. The skin is prepped and set to last all day, through all the sweat and the tears! No matter how soft or how glam you like it, there’s always a happy medium style that we can accommodate!

Usually, brides are only allowed into their venue at a certain time. Depending on location, and when you can start getting ready, will determine how many artists you may need and how long in total everyone will have to get ready. Typically speaking, we’d like to have everyone ready by the time the photographers arrive, so that they can capture any first looks and final touch images prior to the ceremony if it has been scheduled. Brides typically go second to last or last, depending on the timing of the day to ensure that they are as fresh as possible! Each service takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete, and they are all done back to back. After each person, our artists, clean and sanitize their area and then take the next client until everyone is finished. Final payment may be made prior to the wedding day or the day of. Tips are shared amongst the artists and greatly appreciated!


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